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State law requires each Ohio county to establish or join other counties to form a “solid waste management district.”  In 1989, Jefferson and Belmont Counties formed the Jefferson-Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority (JBRSWA). The JBRSWA Board of Trustees is composed of 15 members representing both Counties as specified in the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code 3734.54.

The JBRSWA is responsible for implementing the current 2008-2023 solid waste management plan  designed to achieve the goals set by the Ohio EPA for waste reduction, recycling and reducing reliance on land filling waste generated within the two counties.  We receive our funding through tipping fees generated by landfills and transfer stations in the district.  These fees are then used to provide programs and services for our residents, businesses and industries. In 2011, the JBRSWA began to operate its recycling operations and services under the new name of the JB Green Team.

Click here for the 2010 Recycling Study Report

The Jefferson-Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority (JB Green Team) was in the process of updating our Solid Waste Management Plan with GT Environmental, to view the newly adopted Plan click the file link below:

Adopted 2015-2029 Solid Waste Management Plan

The Board of Trustees for the Jefferson Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority announced and notified the public that in accordance with Section 343.08(C) of the Revised Code that it will be holding three (3) public hearings to discuss the determination of the Board of Trustees at its July 14, 2014 meeting that it is necessary to fix the sum of $12.55 annually against lots or parcels that are improved, or in the process of being improved, with at least one (1) permanent, portable or temporary building in the Counties of Jefferson and Belmont.   This rate shall be paid by every person, municipal corporation, township, or other political subdivision that owns premises to which solid waste collection, storage, transfer, disposal, recycling, processing or source recovery is provided within the Counties of Jefferson and Belmont.

These meetings will be held as follows:
1. Tuesday, August 26th, Ohio University Eastern Campus, Room 219, St. Clairsville at 1:00 p.m.
2.  Wednesday, August 27th, 2nd Floor Towers Bldg, Steubenville at 1:00 p.m.
3. Thursday, August 28th, City Council Chambers, Martins Ferry at 1:00 p.m.

Members of the public are welcome to attend and participate.  No official vote will be taken at these public hearings.

The Jefferson-Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority (“JB Green Team”) has established a 30-day written comment period (August 4 – September 2) on the draft Solid Waste Management Plan Update (Plan Update) (Ohio Revised Code Section 3734.54). The Authority has prepared the draft Plan Update as required by Section 3734.54 of the Ohio Revised Code. The draft Plan Update includes a budget and fees to finance the Plan, a solid waste facility inventory, projections and strategies, facilities and programs to be used, an analysis of the progress made toward achieving state solid waste reduction goals, and Authority rules.  Written comments should be sent to Mr. Clifford Meyer, Executive Director, P.O. Box 4699, 115 S. 3rd St., Steubenville, OH 43952.

The Authority will hold a public hearing to obtain oral comments regarding the draft Plan Update on Monday, September 8, 2014 from 3PM to 4PM at the Bellaire Public Library, 330 32nd St., Bellaire, OH 43906.