These are some of the programs/services we offer for the residents and businesses in Jefferson and Belmont Counties; you will find more information about these services in the pages of this website.

RESIDENTIAL RECYCLING – We have over 50 community drop-off locations throughout both Counties.

New 6 yd bin.paperWASTE PAPER RECYCLING containers are placed at participating schools and businesses for their paper and cardboard.  Local schools and non profit organizations receive a portion of the money generated by the fiber (paper/cardboard).


2013 HHW Collection 020HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE COLLECTION is an Annual Event for residents to dispose of their chemicals, paints, light bulbs, lead acid batteries, and grill propane tanks safely.  We expect to host two Collections, one in each County, each year.  Both collections are open to all our district residents.  Information is posted on our Upcoming Events page once the date(s) and location(s) are set each year.

E-CYCLING COLLECTION SITES  ~ Due to budget restrictions this program was scaled back.  There will be Special Collections only at this time.  Please check our Upcoming Events page for announcements once our next Collection is set, or see our Electronics page for other more immediate options.

Photo0358COMMUNITY CLEANUP & TIRE COLLECTIONS are held in Communities throughout the two Counties during the spring/summer months, with most accepting tires, appliances,  carpeting, large toys, old furniture and general large junk items.  NO… mattresses, box springs, electronics, paints, liquids, hazardous waste materials, household garbage, construction debris, grass clippings, tree trimmings or ammunition will be accepted.   Collections are for residents only, no items will be accepted from haulers or businesses.  Proof of residency (Jefferson/Belmont Counties) is required.  Scheduled dates/times are posted  on our Upcoming Events page.  No dropping of materials outside of the scheduled hours, violators can be sited.

HOUSEHOLD BATTERY RECYCLING ~ We accept Dry Cell Batteries  at our Community Collections and at our two office locations in St. Clairsville and Steubenville.  Please do no attempt to recycle corroded batteries.


GRANTS ~  Our Recycling Initiatives Competitive Funding (RICF) Project provides assistance to local townships; villages; cities; schools and non-profit agencies through Grants. Applicants cannot possess a liquor license and must demonstrate a benefit to the citizens of Belmont and Jefferson counties.


LITTER PREVENTION and Cleanup Activities are sponsored and encouraged for schools, groups, organizations and events.  Our Community Services Coordinator uses a crew of court assigned workers to clean up litter along the roadways.

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES are available in the form of youth and adult presentations, activities, brochures, contests, special events, and curriculum for schools and educators in the district.


A “WHAT DO I DO WITH . . .?” GUIDE is available to assist residents on ways to properly dispose of many items that cannot be recycled or placed with household garbage.


Jeff and Bel close-up

Jeff and Bel, our mascots.

OUR MASCOTS “Jeff & Bel” can make an appearance at your next Event, depending on availability and event type.


NEWSLETTERS are sent every three months by email with our latest activities, upcoming events and informative articles.


WASTE AUDITS can be conducted by our staff to advise businesses on how to reduce waste as well as educate employees on what to recycle.