Designation Fee

Requests for Designation are invited from solid waste disposal and transfer facilities by the Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of the Jefferson Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority (the “Authority”). The Board proposes to designate one or more solid waste facilities that will be authorized to accept solid waste generated within the Authority for solid waste disposal or transfer. All facilities selected for designation shall be required to enter into a Designation Agreement that requires the designated facility to collect and remit to the Authority a Contract Fee in the amount of $2.00 per ton on each ton of solid waste generated in the Authority that is delivered to or disposed of at the designated facility. All Requests for Designation submitted in response to this Invitation for Designation must be received by the Authority at the address provided below, not later than 4:30 p.m. prevailing time on August 11, 2015. Requests for Designation must be submitted on the Designation Agreement form with the Invitation for Designation and must contain the name of each person or company interested therein.
Copies of the Invitation for Designation, Request for Designation, and Designation Agreement may be obtained on this page at the links below or from Mr. Dave Hays, Interim Director, Jefferson Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority, 115 S. 3rd Street, Suite 109, Steubenville, OH 43952. The Authority reserves the right to reject any Request for Designation in whole or in part; to waive any and all informalities or irregularities in any Request for Designation; to designate any facility on the basis of any factors which the Board, in its sole discretion, deems to be appropriate, whether or not such factors are stated in the Board’s Resolution of Preliminary Designation, this Invitation for Designation, the Designation Agreement, or the Request For Designation; and to negotiate contract terms with the designee(s).

Designation Agreement 

Invitation for Designation

Designation Fee Submittal Form