Activities & Tools

We have many types of activities & lessons that can be used for the young and old.  Listed below are just some of the materials we have available for you, for more ideas; curriculum and information contact our Education Coordinator .

Coloring Pages – Celebrate Earth Day or Recycle with our mascots, Jeff & Bel, with these coloring pages that are fun for all ages!

JB Green Team Mascot mask coloring pages printed out on thicker stock paper and stapled to tongue depressors these Mascot coloring pages make great masks.

JC Fair 2016.3mascot masks

Preschool to 3rd grade:  Earth Day Coloring Page

Preschool to 3rd grade:  Recycling Coloring Sheet

Puzzles — Jeff and Bel want you to be more aware of your environment with their Crossword and Word Search Puzzles.

Preschool to 1st grade:    Elementary Crossword Puzzle

4th  to 8th grades:            4-8 Grade Crossword Puzzle

6th  to 8th grades:            6-8 Grade Word Search


Recycling Quiz – Test your knowledge! Take the Waste Management Recycling Quiz before and after our presentation to see just how much you didn’t know.  Part of the EnviroScape Landfill Model Curriculum.

6th – 8th grade students:      EnviroScape Recycling Quiz

Paper Making/Recycling – You can do a paper recycling activity at home and see on a small scale how it is done at paper mills.  Part of the Paper Making/Recycling Curriculum.

Grades 8th to adult:     How To Make Paper

Green Cleaning – Keep your home clean and green while safely getting your kids to lend a hand!  Check out our list of “green cleaning” ideas.  From the Green Cleaning Curriculum.

High School students to adult:    Green Cleaning Sheet

Plastics – It’s a plastic world! Ever wonder what those numbers mean on your plastic bottles & jugs?  We’ve got the answers.  Have fun creating silly shapes and sun catchers using our shrinkydinks directions.   From the Plastics Curriculum.

6th grade to adult:    Plastics 1 thru 7

6th grade to adult:    Shrinkydink Plastic

Litter Detective Activity –Have fun indoors or out! Search for items from our Litter Hunt List with this activity that is great for groups. From the Litter Detective Curriculum.

Kindergarten to 4th grade:          Litter Hunt Instructions

Maze Activity Page – Can you find your way through?

6th – 12th grades:            Maze