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On this page you will find information for upcoming events that include Contests, Grant Applications, Tire Collections, HHW Collections and Program changes.  If the event you are looking for is not yet posted here please check back periodically or sign up for our Quarterly Newsletter to stay informed on whats happening with the JB Green Team

In an effort for JB Green Team to promote reuse, the second in the famous 3R’s, we got people together to encourage people to see old papers and cardboard boxes in a new way! Imagine a scrapbook that you have made with things you’d normally recycle, instead of buying new in a store. Junk journaling allows us to think outside the box and can turn into a hobby that will last a lifetime. Workshops have been held at the Ohio Valley Mall in St. Clairsville since October and we hope to continue them in the future!

If you want to join the fun or are part of a group looking for a creative reuse project to get started, please contact Emily Good at (740)296-5376.


Children ages 3-5 involved in Belmont County Head Start Programs will be learning about how to care for the planet by reducing waste and recycling properly with JB Green Team! We met with two excited groups in the month of November and look forward to getting into many more in the next few months. It’s amazing the way kids get so excited to learn new things so teaching about the environment to small children has so many benefits. If you know of pre-schools, or library groups looking for something new in their learning space, JB Green Team is great to keep in mind! For details on what we offer contact us.

The drop-off bins located at the Eastern Gateway Community College in Steubenville was relocated on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017.  The bins are now located in the parking lot across John Scott Highway, East on Sunset Blvd on the other side of the West End Fire Station, just up and across the road from Hauser’s furniture storefront.
Other Drop-off sites nearby:
* Old Bishop Mussio/Aquinas School,  625 Lovers Lane
* School of Bright Promise, 256 John Scott Hwy
* Riesbeck’s Store, 100 Main Street (Rte 43), Wintersville

For more locations visit our Locations page

The Rayland Community Drop-off Recycling Site is being Removed

As requested by the Fire Department the recycling bins are being removed from the Rayland Community Drop-off Recycling location on August 30th.  Resident can begin using other nearby locations, visit the Location Page for a full list.

The Bridgeport National Road Community Drop-off Recycling Site is being Removed

The  Community Drop-off Recycling Site located at the old Bridgeport Job & Family location, 56104 National Rd. Bridgeport was removed on September 11, 2017 due to the current tenant at the site is expanding and needed the two bins moved away from the building.  We are activity searching for a new location.


Battery Recycling Program Expanding

The JB Green Team Battery Recycling program continues to expand in 2017.  Both the Jefferson and Belmont JB Green Team offices accept household dry cell batteries for recycling during regular office hours. Additionally several new battery collection towers have been placed at other locations in both counties. Since January we have collected 631 lbs. of household batteries for recycling.  Batteries are also accepted during the Community Cleanup and Household Hazardous Waste collections.
A special Battery Recycling Collection will be held in conjunction with America Recycles Day. On Wednesday November 15th, the JB Green Team will be set up to accept household batteries near the Community Room at the Ohio Valley Mall from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Belmont & Jefferson County residents are invited to bring household dry cell batteries including alkaline, NiMh, NiCad, zinc air, non-lithium button cell and lithium ion.
By recycling your batteries, metals such as zinc, manganese, steel, brass, copper, nickel, aluminum, and iron can be returned to the market to be made into new products. Plastics and paper from batteries are also separated and recycled.

We ask that residents bring only non-corroded batteries. Please do not store your batteries in metal cans or with metal items such as screws or paperclips as this creates a fire hazard.


  • Great American Cleanup –  March thru May 2018
  • K-12th Students Trashy Art Contest – TBA 2018
  • School Literacy Nights – Upon Request by Schools
  • Presentations (Adult & Students) – Call Us!
  • Valley Converting Paper Recycling Group Tours – Call Us!
  • Right to Read Book Reading Presentations – Call Us!


Have items you are no sure what to do with?  Check out our    “What Can I Do With…” Guide


~~~ Please check back  – events are be posted/updated when scheduled.