Battery Recycling

Jefferson and Belmont County residents can bring household and rechargeable batteries for recycling to either of our (2) two Office Locations at 107 Plaza Drive, Suite R in St. Clairsville or 115 S. 3rd Street, Suite 109 in Steubenville.



Acceptable Batteries include:

  • Alkaline
  • NiMH – Nickel Cadmium
  • NiCad – Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Zinc Air
  • Non-Lithium Button Cell
  • Primary Lithium
  • Lithium-Ion
  • Sealed Lead Acid batteries

Please tape and bag separately all 9-V batteries to prevent sparks that cause fires.

NO corroded batteries are accepted, those should be brought to our Annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event, check our Upcoming Events page for Event Announcements.

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Batteries should never be left at the JBRSWA Community Drop-off recycling sites!!!!  They are considered to be a hazardous material and must be disposed of properly.

Car and other vehicle batteries are NOT accepted at either the JBRSWA Community drop-off sites or at the Office Collection sites.   You can also check out our Upcoming Events page for information about our the “Special Community Cleanup Collections” – many different types of batteries may be accepted at them.

Download or print our Battery Recycling Brochure

How are rechargeable batteries recycled?  check out this video at call2recycle.