We advise residents when purchasing any new large electronics to always ask  if they have a “take back” program, especially televisions since the old tube style are now the most difficult to get rid of locally and we must share the cost with residents for their disposal.

We will be accepting electronics at Special Electronic Collections in 2019; there will be a one-day Collection Event held in each County.  Please go to our Upcoming Events page for dates/locations once scheduled, or follow us on Facebook where times and locations of all scheduled events are posted.

List of items to be accepted:       

Cell Phones /chargers
Telephone Equipment
Computer Components
Fax Machines
Desktop Printers
Toner Cartridges
Inkjet Cartridges
Video Game Consoles
Televisions/Computer screens  (a $10 charge for CRV types)
Internet Devices
Keyboards/ Mice
MP3 Players
VCR’s and DVD Players

NO TV’s with broken/shattered glass (they are considered hazardous)
NO Computers tour apart
NO electronics from businesses

You may also utilize the local businesses in your area that accept electronics.  See our “What Can I Do with…?” Flier for the latest information.

Please check back on this page periodically or follow us on Facebook for news on your electronic waste options.