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Belmont Drop-off sites relocated

We have had several changes in the recycling community drop-off sites in recent months.

~ The Morristown Community Drop-off on Cross St. was removed following the sale of the property. After working with the Mayor and Street Dept. we determined there were no sites in the community capable of providing access for the bins and recycle trucks. Morristown residents are invited to use the Morristown/Union Local drop-off site next to Union Local Middle School at the old salt barn.

~ A Community recycling drop-off off is also available in the open parking lot above the Belmont County Animal Shelter off National Rd. Please note that the bins located at Belmont County Sargus Gender program on National Rd. are for private use and not open to the public.

~ Smith Township now has a community drop off located at the Centerville Community/Senior Center .

~ The St. Clairsville community recycling drop-off has been shifted to a supplemental parking area behind the visitor side of the football field to allow for changes to parking and traffic flow at the school.

More community drop-off site locations can be found on the JB Green Team website page "Recycling"

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