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LEGAL NOTICE - posted 1/19/2022
Pursuant to ORC 153.66 and ORC 153.67, the Board of Trustees of the Jefferson Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority (JBRSWA) has instituted prequalification requirements for professional engineering firms seeking to provide services to JBRSWA. The Board encourages professional engineering firms to submit statements of qualifications for technical review, analysis, evaluation and consultation in connection with the proposed construction or modification of solid waste disposal or transfer facilities within JBRSWA. 
It is possible that during 2022 a developer may request the Board to review and approve or disapprove general plans and specifications for the proposed construction or modification of a solid waste disposal or transfer facility.  In the event of such a request, the Board may require the services of a qualified engineering firm to review, analyze, investigate, evaluate and advise the Board whether the proposed project complies with JBRSWA’s Solid Waste Management Plan in accordance with the requirements and timetable of the Siting Strategy set forth in the Plan at Appendix S.  A copy of JBRSWA’s solid waste management plan, and the Siting Strategy which is Appendix S to the Plan, is available online at: 
For any projects which the Board estimates the professional engineering fee will be less than fifty thousand dollars, the Board plans to follow ORC 153.71(A), where JBRSWA will select a single engineering firm from among those that have submitted a current statement of qualifications within the immediately preceding year, as provided under ORC 153.68.  Firms will be evaluated based on the following criteria: project interest and understanding, firm’s history, firm’s ability and experience, personnel assigned to the project, related project experience, and relevant refences. 
Statements of qualifications should be submitted by February 4, 2022. JBRSWA will accept statements of qualifications after said date. However, only firms who have submitted statements of qualifications prior to JBRSWA commencing ranking firms for a project will be considered for that project.
Statements of qualifications may be submitted to Anita Petrella, Executive Director, 228 Technology Way, Steubenville, OH 43952 or


Engineering Firms please click here to view the JBRSWA Plan 

and click here to view the Siting Strategy 

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