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Rates and Charges

Here you will find common questions and answers about the charge.

What is this Charge?


This Charge is a “municipal waste rates and charges assessment” to help fund waste management programs required by the Ohio EPA. It is levied only against lots or parcels that are improved, or in the process of being improved, with at least one permanent, portable, or temporary building. Not all property generates waste which is why this is a charge specifically on improved parcels. 

Doesn’t this charge have to be voted on by the residents?

No. By law (HB 592) each County in Ohio must offer ways to manage solid waste through reduction, reusing and recycling programs. In order to pay for this management, Revised Code 343.08 and 343.011 allows Authorities to assess on approved parcels in order to pay for these programs.

Why should I have to pay when I don’t feel I generate very much waste?


Many residents do an excellent job of recycling and place very little in the waste stream. This charge pays for the recycling program as well as community clean ups and other collections we have throughout the year.

I own a lot of land, will this be assessed on each of my parcels?


The assessment is charged on improved parcels ONLY. An improved parcel is one that has been improved with a house or other structure. Any vacant lots or empty parcels do not get charged.

How long will this remain?


The Authority will reassess the need each year and adjust the charge to a minimum or to match what is needed to fund our operations.

I recycle. Don’t you receive enough money from the recycling you receive?


It is true that we generate some money from the paper recycling, but it does not cover the costs of fuel, maintenance and other costs associated with running those programs.  We share some of those monies with participating schools and non-profits organizations that are grandfathered in the payout program.  Also, recycling is a commodity, and prices for the recycling fluctuate so the amount we receive varies, and actually after China began to regulate the plastic waste being shipped in the market has made a drastic change, and we are paying for companies to take our commingled materials.

How much is this charge for?


This is a $2.00 (a year) per improved parcel charge plus the Auditor’s handling fee of 3%. The Authority does not receive any of the 3% handling fee.

How often?


This charge is applied once a year (or divided into half at twice a year).

I have been hearing about the local Municipalities voting no, is this for the charge and will it stop the charge from being applied?


No, the charge was placed under the “Current Plan”, and is completely separate. What the Municipalities were voting on was a the 2015-2029 Plan. The charge will remain and is collected yearly. However, a new revenue option (designation contract fees) in the current Plan provided a way for the Authority to fund the required programs in other ways and reduce the amount of the charge several times.  

If the local Municipalities are not voting on the charge, what are they voting on?


The Solid Waste Management Plan for the Jefferson-Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority (aka JB Green Team). The Authority is mandated by the Ohio EPA to put together a Draft Plan every 7 years that must be approved by 60% Municipality population of each County without veto. The last one was done in 2015 which is the current 2015-2029 Solid Waste Management Plan .  The municipalities are notified and provided copies of the Draft Plan for consideration and comment. If the Plan is not agreed on and approved, the Ohio EPA will then write a Plan for Jefferson Belmont Counties as they wish it to be without any approval from local Municipalities.

How did the amount to be charged be decided and has it changed? 

A specific formula is used to calculate the exact amount needed for operating costs.  The budget amount needed minus the estimated amount collected from designation fees equated the rates and charges divided by the number of improved parcels in both counties.  Designation fees have allow the Authority to reduce the charges to property owner over the years.   If the disposal fee revenue increases above the projections in the Plan, or other revenue sources increase the Authority will evaluate the fee amount to determine the rate needed.

For a downloadable/printable PDF of our

Rates & Charges Brochure click here.

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