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Recycling Initiative Competitive Funding Project Grants

Our Recycling Initiatives Competitive Funding (RICF) Project provides assistance through grants to:

  • Local townships

  • Villages

  • Cities

  • Schools

  • Non-profit agencies


Applicants cannot possess a liquor license and must demonstrate a benefit to the citizens of Belmont and Jefferson counties.

Two types of grants are available: the Community Award and the Comprehensive Grant.


The Community Award requires no match.  The maximum that can be applied for under the Community Award is $1,000. Projects must contain a recycling component or theme.  Schools, government offices and non-profits may seek funds to:  implement recycling at sporting events;  purchase recycling bins and create awareness posters;  or buy supplies to perform recycling education activities.

The Comprehensive Grant projects must include a recycling or reuse initiative.  Eligible applicants may apply for funding between $1,001.00 and $5,000.00 and must supply a 20% match, which may include in-kind services such as: labor, donated equipment, materials, and activities directly related to the project.  Applicants must do a thorough justification of requested funding and relate the project directly to recycling.  Procurement and application of recycled content items must have a significant recycling component as part of the project in order to qualify for funding.  Applicants must commit to completing the final report, supplying copies of receipts and project photos and recycling or reuse data.

Eligible applicants may seek Comprehensive RICF funds for: community clean-up projects that include a recycling component; implement or expand recycling programs; implement or expand reuse initiatives; implement or expand composting initiatives; implement a recycling and waste reduction awareness campaign or purchase items made from recycled material.


Example Grant 1 Community Awards

Example Grant 2 Community Awards


Example Grant 3 Comprehensive

Helpful Grant Ideas:   

 Grant Application Ideas Brochure      

(Best if printed on legal size paper, check your printer settings)

To apply for a grant:
Print the 

Applications must be completed and submitted by the April 1, 2024  Noon deadline. Please see Application Packet for requirements and more details. The JB Green Team Grants Committee will review applications and make formal award recommendations to the Board of Trustees by the April 8, 2024 Board meeting. Notification of awards and passage by the Board of Trustees should occur by April 12th, 2024 by email (must provide). Thus when drafting an application, applicants should consider beginning their projects no sooner than April 12, 2024.  Limit one (1) per Community/entity/organization per year.

All entities awarded Grant Funds will be required to complete a 2024  Grant Progress Report Form in August (if project is not yet complete) and a Grant Project Completion Form to be submitted to our office within 120 days of project completion and no later than February 1, 2025.  Be sure to attach a copy of all receipts and photos as required.  Any organization/entity not completing this required form may be required to return all awarded grant funds and forfeits their right to apply the following grant awarding year.

For assistance or more information you may contact us.


Ohio EPA Recycling & Litter Prevention Grant

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Coca Cola Company/Keep America Beautiful Bin Grant Program


Litter Management &Tire Amnesty Grant
10 % Cash Match
Open to: Ohio communities and non-profit organizations to support litter and tire amnesty collection projects.

Community Development Grant
50% Cash Match
Open to: Municipal corporations, counties, townships, villages, state colleges or universities, solid waste management districts and authorities, park districts, health districts and statewide recycling and litter prevention trade associations.

Ohio EPA Market Development Grant 

Open to: Ohio businesses and non-profit organizations that propose to create equipment infrastructure for successful markets of recyclable materials and related products. Applicants must be sponsored by an eligible governmental agency (such as the JB Green Team if located in Jefferson/Belmont County) who will serve as the grant applicant and a pass-through agency for documenting and receiving funds.

USDA Rural Development Solid Waste Management Grant

Community Impact Fund



In Ohio open to: Jefferson and Belmont:

Smith-Goshen Rice Enrichment Fund (affiliate of CFOV)



Open to Belmont County non-profit organizations:

EPA  Clean Diesel School bus Fund Retrofit Grants, Ohio Environmental Education Fund, Diesel Emission Reduction Grant Program and Environmental Science and Engineering Scholarships

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