We hold an Annual Event for residents to dispose of their chemicals, paints, light bulbs, lead acid batteries, and grill propane tanks safely.  We expect to host two Collections, one in each County, each year.  Both collections are open to all our district residents. 
You can view the dates for our collections as well as a list of what will and will not be accepted by clicking the link below.




Community Cleanup Collections are held in Communities throughout the two Counties during the spring/summer months, with most accepting tires, appliances,  carpeting, large toys, old furniture and general large junk items.
NO… mattresses, box springs, electronics, paints, liquids, hazardous waste materials, household garbage, construction debris, grass clippings, tree trimmings or ammunition will be accepted.  
Collections are for residents only, no items will be accepted from haulers or businesses.  Proof of residency (Jefferson/Belmont Counties) is required.
Most of our Community Cleanup Collections have been CANCELLED for 2020, to find out if your Township will be hosting a collection please contact them directly.  
View the schedule for the Jefferson County 2020 Community Cleanups Schedule here. 
View the schedule for the Belmont County 2020 Community Cleanup Schedule here.

We advise residents when purchasing any new large electronics to always ask  if they have a “take back” program, especially televisions since the old tube style are now the most difficult to get rid of locally and we must share the cost with residents for their disposal.


Check our "What Can I do With" Guide at the bottom of this page for local options.

We will be accepting electronics at Special Electronic Collections held in each County.  Follow us on Facebook where times and locations of all scheduled events are posted.




Jefferson and Belmont County residents can bring household and rechargeable batteries for recycling to our Annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events.  We will no longer be able to accept them year round due to changes in shipping requirements; issues of corroded batteries being dropped off - which is very hazardous to our staff; and batteries that are not taped as required- a fire hazard for where they are stored.  
Please do no attempt to recycle  any batteries at our offices.  Car and other vehicle batteries are also not accepted at our office locations or community drop off locations. 
Acceptable batteries include: Alkaline, NiMH - Nickel Cadmium, NiCad - Nickel Metal Hydride, Zinc Air, Non-Lithium Button Cell, Primary Lithium, Lithium Ion, Sealed Lead Batteries. 
Scotch TAPE or (plastic sandwich) bag all battery terminals separately to prevent sparks that can cause a fire or explosion while storing your batteries!! 
Batteries should never be left at Community Drop off sites! They are considered hazardous material and must be disposed of properly.



Answers to most common questions are already provided on our website, why wait for a response when you can save yourself time by clicking on the MENU button at the top right of this page for the drop down list of pages.  

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